What digital skills does my organisation require?
That is specific to your organisational needs and aspirations.  Before we provide a course, we offer a digital diagnostics test for you to illustrate and analyse the the digital abilities of your workforce to ensure they are selecting the right course for their projected role.

My organisation is young and digitally inclined. Do you offer specialised programmes and a method of knowledge evaluation?
We offer a  carefully designed range of programmes from foundational to expert. Our 3 specialist programmes – social media, search and strategy and planning – are specific to industry needs.

To ensure you are making the right choice, our digital skills assessment tool can evaluate your organisational efficiencies pre and post-training.

What are the benefits of online training as opposed to workshops or classroom training?
THINK Global Institute’s training is specifically designed for the modern professional, offering them module-sized blocks of instruction for easy and efficient access according to their schedule.

What support will my team and I recieve?
THINK Global Institute’s course material is specifically designed and packaged for easy and uncomplicated access and engagement. Each programme follows a ten module structure, following a prescribed order of delivery. In addition, our expert support team will be available during office hours to address any academic queries or potential issues.

How will i keep track of progress?
The programme syllabus list provides detailed module breakdowns and expected learning outcomes. This in conjunction with the Learner Management System and our team of subject experts will keep you appraised as to your progress.